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    4. Company
      In 1996, it was invested by Ministry of Chemical Industry on the by transferring professionals from original Lanzhou Chemical 302 Plant and 304 Plant. It is first professional manufacturing plant of initiator in China. It successfully provided exclusive use initiator for our country’s first set of high pressure polyethylene unit. More >

      Company Culture

      Enterprise spirit: integrity, simplicity, hard work, innovation
      Business philosophy: Adhere to sustainable development to help customers be more successful

      Company Honor

      The company has presided over the compilation of 3 industry standards, has applied for more than 20 utility model patents, and has 1 invention patent. The company has won the Gansu Famous Brand Product, the Provincial Technology Invention First Prize...

      Lanzhou Auxiliary Agent Plant Products

      The company's leading products are organic peroxide series, acid chloride series, sulfonic acid series anionic surfactants,
      polycarboxylic acid series water reducers, polylactic acid and other products.

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      Contact us

      Tel: +86-931-7766493
      E-mail: info@lanquan.com
      Web: http://www.cqzhuba.com/
      Address: No. 778, West Section of Huaihe Avenue, Qinchuan Town, Yongdeng County, Lanzhou New District, Gansu Province

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